Welcome to the First Issue of the Astro Photons Space and Astronomy Weekly!

Good morning!

My name is Paweł Białecki, and I'm the author of Astro Photons - Space, Astronomy, and Astrophotography.

I have been interested in space and astronomy since I was a child. It all started with astronomy books during my school days here in Poland, where I admired beautiful pictures of colorful nebulae and distant galaxies, wondering, "why can't I see it in the sky at night with my own eyes?" The first sky atlas, pair of binoculars, the first telescope, and the first astrophotography set went by on their own.

And although I did not become a professional astronomer - I work as a software developer - my passion for astronomy did not disappear in my adult life; on the contrary (after all, now I can afford to buy new space toys telescopes!).

What's with this weekly newsletter? On the web, we can find a lot of information on every possible topic. However, browsing through "everything" is practically impossible, and being up to date, even in such a relatively small field as space and astronomy enthusiasts, is a real challenge.

In my work as a programmer, I subscribe to several thematic newsletters, where the authors manually filter and send the most exciting programming articles every week.

And since I didn't find a similar newsletter for space lovers, I decided to create my own - I hope you like it! So I invite you to the first issue of Astro Photons Space and Astronomy Weekly and right away for the next one in a week - every Thursday!

Clear skies.

Paweł Białecki

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Clear skies,

Paweł Białecki 🚀 Astro Photons